One-on-one remedial training and counseling

You’ve had an employee complaint and determined, after a prompt investigation, that another employee has engaged in inappropriate behavior. Part of the remedy suggested by your counsel is one-on-one training and counseling with the accused to review and reinforce relevant company policies and expectations. VERITA, LLC will conduct this training either at your offices or ours. It includes a Power Point presentation, exercises and interactive dialogue tailored to address the specific problems identified during the course of the investigation, such as anti-harassment, working together respectfully, diversity, and anger and stress management. At the conclusion of the session, you will be provided with a signed Acknowledgment form from the employee and a written report of the training session.

Exit interviews

VERITA, LLC assists companies in identifying their strengths and weaknesses through exit interview feedback, which is crucial to reducing employee turnover and creating a more positive work environment. By conducting thorough and thoughtful exit interviews, you can accurately and confidentially measure why employees are leaving and utilize that information to make changes that will increase employee satisfaction. Interviews are typically conducted in-person, but can also be performed via telephone when in-person is not feasible. After the interview, you are provided with a written report of what was discussed, including the employee’s reason(s) for leaving, job and company satisfaction, and any changes the employee would make in the organization.

Departmental Surveys

Sometimes a department or group of employees is just not functioning properly and, despite the company’s efforts to resolve the problem, non-productive behavior continues. Employees may be constantly bickering or complaining about one another, a previously productive employee may now be barely making the grade, or the introduction of a new employee or manager may have caused unexpected turmoil. Too often, personal relationships, inexperience, “office politics” or prior involvement make it impossible for Human Resources staff or other internal employees to effectively identify and remedy the problem. VERITA, LLC will interview each employee privately and compile a written report of findings in order to assist the company in uncovering and addressing the source (or sources) of conflict.

Group training

VERITA, LLC also provides individual or group training on how to conduct workplace investigations.