No two investigations are exactly alike. Just as every workplace complaint involves a unique set of facts and individuals, so does every investigation. However, most will follow a process similar to this:

  • Initial meeting with company contact for full briefing of complaint and gathering of relevant documentation and information.
  • Review of all relevant documentation, including company policies and procedures, personnel files of individuals involved, company investigation files, and other documents pertinent to the investigation, ie, an offensive e-mail.
  • Preparation of an investigation plan -- additional documents to be gathered and reviewed and/or list of the individuals to be interviewed.
  • Scheduling of interviews of complainant(s), witness(es), and alleged actor(s).
  • Conducting of interviews and follow-up where necessary, including gathering of additional documents and information, and re-interviweing witnesses.
  • Preparation of oral and/or written report.
  • Delivery of report to company contact or representative.
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Sample Investigation Report