Because we’re great at what we do. We are the only business in the area devoted to the unbiased investigation of workplace claims.

  • We provide prompt, thorough face-to-face interviews with all parties involved on a wide-range of employment issues, including both individual and class complaints.

  • Our investigators are constantly keeping abreast of the latest techniques and laws involving investigations and the substantive claims employers need to guard against.

  • We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality to protect the integrity of the investigation, the parties involved, and the company’s reputation.

We don’t have a stake in the outcome, so you can be sure you are getting a clear and independent factual assessment of what happened.

Because workplace incidents are on the rise...

Workplace discrimination and harassment charges filed with the the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and state agencies have more than doubled in the past decade. In 2015 alone, the EEOC saw over 89,000 charges of discrimination. That's more than 240 charges per day.

Because an effective investigation is an employer’s first line of defense against workplace claims.

Prompt, professional investigations of workplace claims are critical. The law imposes a duty upon employers to promptly investigate claims of discrimination and harassment and take appropriate remedial action. The duty to investigate exists even if the conduct has stopped or the alleged victim does not request or consent to the investigation.

An employer’s failure to investigate and take remedial action significantly raises the risk of liability for the employer. Additionally, failing to properly investigate workplace claims, or to conduct an investigation at all, can result in increased liability and exposure for the employer.

Why is an effective investigation important?

  • The law requires a prompt and reasonable investigation of all claims of harassment and discrimination.
  • Impartial investigation and analysis of the complaint enables the company to address and resolve the issue early on.
  • It shows the complainant that the company takes his or her concerns seriously and assists the employer in creating and maintaining a respectful and productive workplace.
  • If the employee feels that his or her concerns have been adequately addressed, he or she is less likely to go to a party outside the company for satisfaction, such as the EEOC, an attorney, or a labor union.
  • It enables the company to avoid or minimize legal liability should the employee decide to file a charge or lawsuit.
  • It provides a sound foundation for taking disciplinary action against the actor, if warranted.

Because we are neutral and independent.

The use of an independent investigator is important for minimizing or eliminating the mere appearance of bias in the investigation process, promoting trust and cooperation in the investigation and in the workplace.

Sometimes, the company has conducted it’s own investigation but is unable to draw conclusions. Turning to a neutral investigator for a “second opinion” can reassure the company it’s on firm ground.